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Name: Marc-Andre 'Marquo' Leblanc
Preferred Mech: BF045
Cost in Preferred Mech: 55
Expansion: Battleforce
Points: 35
Class: Assault
Rank: Unique
Faction: Gunslinger
Unit Type: Pilot
Recruit (Base): 8
Recruit (CW): 12
Recruit (RotS): 0
Recruit (WH): 12
Speed: 3
Attack: 2
Defense: 0

I'M COMING FOR YOU, MURDOCH! This unit may change its facing at any time during its controllerís turn. It automatically succeeds at break away rolls. It ignores other unitsí Grapple. When its combat dial shows the green starting marker, it does not gain 1 heat when using the run option. When it makes a ranged combat attack against a single target, modify the targetís defense value by Ė1 for the attack.

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